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Last updated on 10 October 2019

What's happening in and around Walkerburn

Local Archery Club - Redgauntlet Archers

Redgauntlet Archers have an outdoor course in Elibank Forest and are our local archery club.

They are happy to welcome and help new members.

The introductory beginners course (in Galashiels) is an excellent way to learn the basics of the sport and find out if it suits you.

Redgauntlet Archers Beginners Class 2019: A five week course commencing Thursday November 21st 7.30-8.30pm in Easter Langlee Community Centre Hall Galashiels.  40 for the course to cover equipment, tuition and insurance. Minimum age 16.

Limited number of places available so if interested please contact Alistair Ringrose on 01896 753415 or aringrose113@btinternet.com for further details and to register.

Talk by SBC Dog Officer in Public Hall - 16th October

SBC have created a new post for a Dog Education Officer.  Rose Hogg has been appointed and her aim is to promote responsible dog ownership and safety around dogs and she has agreed to give a talk to Walkerburn residents at the monthly Community Council meeting in the village hall at 7.00pm on Wednesday 16th October.

She can offer a range of activities, including dog fouling surveys, clean-ups, dog welfare, microchipping,and learning sessions.  She ill also discuss all the procedures in place for responding to complaints about nuisance dogs.

This will be an interesting and useful session and all residents are invited to attend

Red Squirrel network meeting

At the AGM of the Development Trust there was a very interesting presentation about the work going on to conserve the local red squirrel population.  As a follow up to that a number of people said they would be interested in getting involved with the local network.  Below is some information about the meeting of the network in a couple of weeks time.

A Tweeddale Red Squirrel Network meeting will be held in the Traq's Bar room at the Traquair Arms Hotel, at 7pm on Wednesday 16th October.

At the last meeting our colleague, Conservation Officer for the North East Gwen Maggs, came down to give an informative talk on how grey squirrels were being controlled in Aberdeen and the surrounding land of Aberdeenshire. Gwen's talk was very encouraging, as it highlighted that it is possible to drastically reduce numbers of grey squirrels in urban areas. In Aberdeen, this resulted in red squirrels returning to some areas of the city after a gap of many years.

Following Gwen's talk, we had an open discussion about trapping in Peebles. We would really like to prevent grey squirrels from building up in number in Peebles and then filtering out into the wider area. We would also love to get some more sightings of red squirrels in and around Peebles. A few people at the meeting, which was attended by a lot of new faces, were very keen to take traps. Laura has been liaising with these people to hopefully get them set up with traps.

CONGRATULATIONS!!  Public Hall - Raising the roof

The Walkerburn Public Hall Management Committee managed to win the Locality Fund vote in the Tweeddale region and has now aquired the funding to repair the front of the roof of the Hall.  The funding will help to secure the future of the hall which provides a home for so many of the village's community activities.  Well done to the committee members for galvanising so many people in Walkerburn and from the surrounding area to support this project.

Unfortunately the bid from the village Development Trust for funding for the mill windows was not successful.    

Innerleithen and Walkerburn First Responders need volunteers

In March Innerleithen & Walkerburn Community First Responders covered 20% of hours available.  We attended 2 call outs with an average response time of 7min 30sec; one call out was 7 miles away which took us quite a bit longer than usual to arrive on scene. Monthly average of hours covered for the year so far is 24%.

We need more volunteers to join us to become active responders. The more of us there are, the more coverage we can supply, more incidents we can attend and more lives we can help save. If you are interested, or want to find out more, then please get in touch and we can answer all your questions.

07808 767 299

Watch a video of the floods in December 2015

This 10 minute video was taken by Air Cam Pro on 6th December last year and shows the extent of the flooding around the village. Click on the headline to see the video. You may find it interesting to compare this with some of the images from 1926 in the Old Walkerburn section of the photo gallery.