We, John King Ballantyne, Manufacturer, Walkerburn, Thomas Rough, Manufacturer, there, James Young, Schoolmaster, there, John Lees, Clerk, there, Andrew Tait, Hall Manager, there & the Rev. Donald Grigor, Minister, of the Congregational Church, there, considering that this public movement was inaugurated to acquire the Hall in Walkerburn belonging to the Trustees for the shareholders of the Lily of Tweed Lodge for the benefit of the residents in Walkerburn & neighbourhood, and that after various meetings of those interested in the movement, a public bazaar was held on the 13th & 14th days of Dec. 1907, at which a sum of £688-9-7 after meeting all expenses was raised for the purpose mentioned.  Further considering that an offer was made to the said Trustees of £450 for the Hall and this offer was duly accepted.  Further considering that it has been arranged that we should act as the first Trustees, to hold the Hall, attend to its upkeep and maintenance, & generally to see that the purposes for which it was acquired were carried out, & it is right & proper that the parties entitled to the use of the Hall & the conditions under which it is to be held by us should be set forth in writing.  Therefore we, the grantors hereof, declare that we hold the title to the property on the following conditions, videlicet:-

FIRST  The Hall is to be called the Walkerburn Public Hall & is to be held for the behoof of the inhabitants of Walkerburn & district, which is to be held to include the Quo ad Sacra Parish of Walkerburn, the farms of West Bold and Juniper Bank, & the estate of Holylee.

SECOND  The title to the Hall shall be held by six Trustees & the survivors &  survivor of them, & in the case of anyone of the Trustees becoming unable to act through death, resignation or permanent removal from the said district the successors to such deceasing, resigning, or non-resident Trustee shall be appointed at a public meeting of all those of either sex, who are entered in the Valuation Poll, current at the time as Proprietors, tenants & occupiers of property, within the said district, & such meeting shall be competently called by one week’s previous advertisement stating the object of the meeting, in a local Newspaper circulating in the district & signed by the Secretary to the Committee of Management aftermentioned, whom failing by any one of the trustees acting for the time being.

THIRD A public meeting shall be called by advertisement in the same way as provided for in Article Second hereof, to be held in the month of September in each year for the purpose of submitting the Treasurer’s Statement & Secretary’s report for the preceding year electing such members of the Committee of management aftermentioned as have by efflux of time, death or resignation or other cause gone out of office, forming the Committee of Management for the year succeeding & transacting any other business relative to the Hall,to be called by one week’s previous advertisement.  The persons entitled to attend such public meetings and vote are those are those qualified as in Art. Second hereof.  The Chairman at such meeting shall have a casting vote as well as a deliberative vote.  The Committee of Management shall consist of nine members and one third of the Committee shall go out of office annually, & those who retire during the first two years of this Trust shall be determined by ballot.  THE COMMITTEE SHALL HAVE FULL POWER TO FRAME RULES FOR THE USES & PURPOSES TO WHICH THE HALL IS TO BE PUT and for its regulation appoint Caretaker, Secretary & Treasurer and any other official necessary for the proper equipment of the Hall and the carrying out of the purposes for which the property is held at such remuneration as they may think fit and also to fill up vacancies on the Committee occurring during the year.
The Trustees are alone responsible for the property, structured alterations thereon, AND IN THE EVENT OF ANY DISPUTE ARISING AMONGST THE COMMITTEE OF MANAGEMENT AND TO ANY POINT ARISING IN THE MANAGEMENT, THE SAME SHALL BE REFERRED TO THE TRUSTEES AND THEIR DECISION SHALL BE FINAL.  In the event of no Committee of Management being appointed during any year from any cause, the Trustees shall act as such Committee until such Committee is appointed, and the Trustees are hereby empowered to call a Public Meeting at any time to appoint a Committee of Management in the event of such Committee not being appointed as provided for.

FOURTH The Trustees shall be entitled to sell the property either by public roup or private bargain, or to borrow money on the security thereof, on being authorised to sell or borrow by a resolution to that effect passed by a majority of two thirds of those present at a special meeting called as provided for in Art. Second hereof, and those present and voting being qualified as in said Article.


(Sgd)  James Wood  Witness                     (Signed)  John A. Ballantyne
(Sgd)  John Campbell  Witness                                                    9th April 1908 

(Sgd)  James Wood  Witness                     (Signed)  Thos. Rough
(Sgd)  John Campbell  Witness                                                    9th April, 1908
(Sgd)  Michael Thomson  Witness               (Signed)  James Young
(Sgd)  John A. Moffat  Witness                                                    13th April, 1908

(Sgd)  James Park  Witness                       (Signed)  John Lees
(Sgd)  George Lees  Witness                                                       14th April, 1908

(Sgd)  James Park  Witness                       (Signed)  Andrew Tait
(Sgd)  George C. McKenzie Grieve  Witness                                    14th April, 1908

(Sgd)  John Moor  Witness                         (Signed) Donald Grigor                                                                                                14th April, 1908